Protect Your Home from Raccoons

Protect Your Home from Raccoons

Protecting your house and its assets is a high priority. Unfortunately, wild creatures can endanger this predilection; especially if you live near wooded areas. Raccoons are one of the most frequently reported residential nuisance animals and have demonstrated their ability to infiltrate, damage, or wreck homes, neighborhoods, and landscapes. There are approaches to impede this occurrence using a few home remedies and some professional assistance. Just a little bit of dedication and knowledge is all it can take to grow the level of safety and protect your property’s value. Keep reading to learn a couple of methods to employ home management solutions to be able to put a stop to nuisance raccoon invasion and infestation difficulties.

Nature, Water, River, Lake, ReflectionHow to raccoon-proof a home

If you don’t already have raccoons living inside your property, then preventative maintenance is the first task and concern. Think about what attracts raccoons to a particular area. Raccoons in residential places have been pushed out of their natural habitats and forced into our neighborhoods due to new development, structure, and expansion. This means that they have no other option but to find out how to endure using humans as resources.

Raccoons can easily open, lift, carry, and pry just as humans can with their hands. For example, raccoons are always hungry and can sniff out food from miles away, literally. If you are the type to leave your trash cans in a spot that is accessible to raccoons, then you’re giving them a reason to trespass on your premises. Many men and women are unintentionally guilty of this, but there isn’t any need to worry. Simply attach locks onto the lids of the garbage cans or eliminate them from an available area entirely. That is like a free buffet for raccoons.

Another facet to raccoon proofing a home is to keep them from being able to enter inside. Raccoons in the yard, on the roof, or at other outside areas are one thing; but finding a raccoon family in your house is a whole different experience. The accumulation of urine and droppings, as well as, breeding and feeding, can saturate dry walls, ceilings, insulation, and more. To prevent this situation, make sure your house’s windows are properly sealed and closed at night. Also, close garage and shed doors during the night. Additionally it is strongly suggested to seal chimney openings, loose siding panels, and some other exposed spots on your home or property.

There is a lot more a homeowner can do to protect their home from raccoons; however, it entails industry experience and equipment to properly and efficiently handle. Professional raccoon management companies can supply and install these systems correctly, and typically, in just one day’s time. Additionally, expert raccoon management technicians retain the most up to date technologies and industry equipment to perform extensive inspections of roofs, siding, foundations, soffits, and more for holes and vulnerable spots. They have the right instruments and supplies to patch these areas and seal them up to stop such intrusion. Professional raccoon control experts may also install heavy-duty screens over outside vents, fix holes in screened-in porches, and put in screening under decks to refute raccoons from seeking shelter from rain or heat.

It is highly suggested to contact Orlando Wildlife Removal a expert animal control and removal services for help with raccoon control and prevention. They have the answers you need for powerful and safe raccoon hindrance. A reputable and trustworthy company should provide free estimates and have years of experience.

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