Get Ahold of Mosquitoes

Get Ahold of Mosquitoes

Ticks, horse flies and mosquitoes are few of the most irksome pests that are difficult to eliminate. Our homes should remain free from these insects to maintain a clean and wholesome atmosphere. Therefore, controlling mosquitoes is the first line of defense of offering solution to our insect issues.

Never allow mosquitoes to look for their brand new breeding ground in your yard. Remove all stagnant water, masses of cut grass and dried leaves and missing cans and dug-outs. Maintain an orderly yard by keeping rain gutters unclogged and free from leaves. In case you have a swimming pool at home, make sure to keep the pool chlorinated even when not in use. Plant pots should always be free of water as this may invite mosquitoes to lay eggs. If possible, eliminate things that can hold water that includes discarded cans and tires.Mosquito, Macro, Insect, Bug, Animal

Another method of controlling mosquitoes is by fogging. This technique can be very effective if you are planning an outdoor activity. Apart from these, you can even hire a professional pest controller who could give you a hand with ponds and ditches around you are the area.

There are still few effective methods of controlling mosquitoes in your individual homes, among which is the use of mosquito nets. Treated nets come in different sizes but still serve the exact same function. They are sometimes used to cover small as well as over-sized areas such as bedrooms and beds. In purchasing a mosquito net, you have to take into consideration the size. The size of the mosquito net ought to be small enough to keep off mosquitoes but at the same time be able to permit air to circulate. A mosquito zapper is another powerful approach to manage mosquitoes. This system makes use of ultraviolet light that kills insects upon contact with them. However, research indicates that these electric zappers only kill insects which do not bite as mosquitoes aren’t attracted to ultraviolet light. Comparable to mosquito zappers is the mosquito magnet. This apparatus can be quite expensive however it proved to be one of the very best methods in removing mosquitoes.

Among the natural ways of repelling pests, mosquito repellent is proven to work. Insect repellent does not just help control mosquitoes but also in preventing infections such as malaria and dengue fever. Whether DEET based or picaridine, the use of these repellents have to be combined with necessary precautions so to avoid skin irritation and other issues. Oil of lemon and eucalyptus are a natural remedy, may also be utilized very effective even with reduced concentration of DEET.

Greensboro Animal Control states these different approaches may have their benefits and disadvantages however each offers their own efficiency in keeping mosquitoes away from us.

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