Common Rodent Control Myths

Common Rodent Control Myths

Rodents have been a pest management problem for as long as humans have lived in homes. They’re attracted to the food sources human beings provide and can contaminate a family’s food supply with various diseases.

Through the years, many myths have grown about pest management for mice and rats. However, it’s important to be able to differentiate between fact and fiction in order to correctly apply rodent/pest management methods. For this reason, here are some of the very common rodent myths — and the truth behind them.

Myth: The only pest management you need for rodents is a kitty.Animal, Attractive, Beautiful, Brown

Truth: While dogs and cats do chase and even sometimes kill mice and rats, most rodents may easily escape them by visiting small spaces where the larger animal can’t fit. By traveling in air duct systems or concealing in crawl spaces, mice and rats can continue to infest a home, despite your pet’s best efforts. In some cases, a pet can even attract rodents to your dwelling. Mice and rats can feed out of a pet’s dish, or even from food that the pet has spilled.

Myth: Cleanliness will keep rodents away from your home.

Truth: Because mice can survive in small spaces with limited access to shelter and food, superior sanitation will not necessarily remove them. It does, however, make it hard for rodents to flourish in massive numbers. When practiced together with baits or traps, cleanliness reduces the quantity of shelter and food available to existing mice and will help improve the effectiveness of frequent pest control or pest prevention steps.

Myth: Cheese is the very best rodent bait.

Truth: Mice actually prefer fruit and seeds over cheese, and professionals from a pest control service may also use peanut butter, meat and even chocolate. In a dry climate, it is best to use a moist food as bait for rodents, as they get most of their water from their meals. Even cotton balls, which rodents use for nesting, may be utilized effectively.

Myth: The worst thing a rodent can do in your house is chew.

Truth: Many homeowners focus on the property damage rats and rodents can cause, but this is not the most persuasive reason to eliminate a rodent infestation.

Truth: Rodent bait is not typically regarded as successful as trapping and rodent-proofing a house. Most rodent infestations can be dealt with by removing all openings through which rats and mice can enter the home and by employing traps to take care of the remaining population. Baits can be used to supplement those methods, but those that want to know more about green pest control ought to keep in mind that rodent baits are poisons.

Myth: You can remove rodents by producing your own bait.

Truth: Always follow the instructions precisely.

Because numerous fallacies exist around rodent/pest management, it is very important to do your research and consult with Denver Animal Control. By working with an exterminator and taking a multifaceted approach, it is possible to eliminate rodents from your home.

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