1. With a Different Name – In Spanish armadillo means, “little armed one.” Germans have another word for armadillo which means “little pig.” I believe armadillos would take offense to this if they just knew. I know I would. In the 1930s Americas called armadillos Hoover Hogs, as a knock on the presiding president. Some less fortunate souls had to end up eating these lovable creatures or they’d have starved. They blamed the president at the time for his strategy to supply jobs that, in their minds, wasn’t working.

2. Armadillos are very cold blooded, which is not an insult in their personalities, it is just a truth. For this reason, they are used in research for leprosy, which they tend toward contract. There is hardly any probability of humans getting leprosy out of armadillos, however, armadillos are employed in finding cures and understanding the disease in people.

Armadillo, Nine-Banded Armadillo3. Baby Soft – Baby armadillos, much like crabs or some other hard shelled creature have soft shells for the initial months of existence. Similar to a human fingernail, they harden over time through a process of depositing bone under the skin to make a shell.

4. – Armadillos do not have teeth to protect their teeth. While humans and other mammals have a number of diverse kinds, they only have one kind of teeth, peg molars. Armadillos primarily eat insects, therefore evolutionarily speaking growing several unique sorts of teeth was waste of time and energy. Its like trying to understand What do Raccoons Eat.

5. Times of stress, mama armadillos can maintain a fertilized egg from implanting, had to grow in the womb, for up to two years. So if an armadillo is captured, it may be pregnant, but you will not ever know. Unless you keep if for a couple of decades, or it “makes itself at home.” Elephants are the only other mammal that can hold unborn infants that longterm.

6. Gift fit for a King – In 1728, The King of England, George II, was given an armadillo as a present. He called it an “Indian Monster” and gave it difficult boiled eggs To consume, which it thankfully accepted.

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